Donna Keyser, Painting


More paintings are available for sale in the SHOP or in Twisp at D*signs Gallery,  or commission.


My work is inspired by the land, and the way people live past and present. It is about relationships, memories, about looking at nature with and through the eyes of a lover, an old timer, a dog, Wondering what has been abandoned, forgotten, reclaimed. The land, light, the work of other artists inspires me to paint. Once started something else happens. Painting becomes a record of events, natural and human that happen in the course of painting. How do I give form to atmosphere, this mornings light, frustration and sadness, people long gone?

The format 24” x 80” is deliberately life size, comfortable to me as the painter with the hopes it draws the viewer in physically as well as visually.

I paint on wood so I can go forward, or back-wards by sanding, then glaze to create a surface or lens for the light to shine through.